Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book Tag - The Gods of Asgard

Odin- Odin was the king of the Asgardians, also known as the “All Father.” He sacrificed his eye and hung himself on a tree in order to gain wisdom and knowledge of the future. Choose a character that you think exudes wisdom.
Thor- The god of thunder, Thor was always called upon when the Asgardians were in danger. They once entertained a giant who had invaded their celebration in the hopes of distracting him long enough for Thor to return from his journey so he could deal with the giant. Choose a character that moves the plot along, or you feel the story would go nowhere without.
Freya- Freya was the goddess of women and queen of the Valkyries. She was the most beautiful of all the Asgardians and very sought-after by gods, men, and giants alike. Choose a character that you think epitomizes sexuality or beauty. (male or female).
Loki- As the god of mischief, Loki cause much distress among the Asgardians. He was eventually imprisoned and when he escapes his bonds is destine to bring about Ragnarök, the end of the world. Choose a character that you think should be despised more than he or she actually is, or less than he or she actually is.
Frigga- The wife of Odin, Frigga was very protective of her son Balder. She made every substance known to man swear to never harm him. Balder could not be harmed by anything made of wood, steal, or stone. Tragically, Frigga made no such pact with mistletoe and Balder died from its poison. Choose a mother or father figure draped in tragedy.
Tyr- The god of war, Tyr looked after the giant wolf, Fenrir. When Fenrir became too large the Asgardians chose to bind him. They made a wager with Fenrir to try and break his bond. Fenrir would not agree to the bet unless one of the Asgardians agreed to place his hand inside Fenrir’s mouth. Tyr agreed to place his mouth into Fenrir’s mouth knowing that he would have to sacrifice his hand to ensure success. Choose a character that you think made a great sacrifice for good or bad.
Hella- Hella was the third child of Loki. She died and became the queen of Niflheim, land of the dead. She was a horror to behold, but always fair in her judgments. Choose a character that is not really evil, but creepy or disturbing to you.
Heimdall- Heimdall was the guardian of the rainbow bridge. He was able to see into other worlds Choose a character that seems to know more than he or she lets the readers know.
and always knew when the enemy approached.
Vidar- Vidar was a fierce warrior, and the only Asgardian destined to survive Ragnarök. Choose a character you are really hoping to survive the series he or she is in, or one that already did survive and for which you are glad.
Balder- Balder was beloved by all. His life ended tragically for no other reason than Loki’s petty jealousy. Choose a character who’s death you felt was unnecessary.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review - Control by Lydia Kang

Recommended for: Fans of YA and or Sci-Fi
Rating: 5 Stars Highly recommended

In a future world where genetically altered people are shunned by society to the point of exile, one girl must cope with the loss of one family and the stress of gaining a new one.
Control is another YA novel set in the future, where man has created his own minority. Scientists have been experimenting with human DNA resulting in people with “traits.” These traits are special abilities that include enhanced healing, breathable skin, and slow aging to name a few.

The protagonist is a seventeen-year-old girl named Zelia who moves around a lot with her father and sister. After her father is killed in a car accident, her sister is kidnapped from the hospital. Zelia finds a home with a group of genetically altered teenagers and tries to find a way to get her sister back.

The plot is very fast paced. It arrives in the second chapter and takes a firm grip on you until the very end. The main character Zelia is intelligent, determined, stubborn, and brave. The minor characters include a boy with four arms, another with two heads, and a girl with green skin.

There is also the underlying mystery of who Zelia’s father. How did he know the people that took Zelia’s sister and how does he know her new surrogate family, it is one of the things Zelia learns about in her character development.

While the story is captivating and there are plenty of interesting characters to keep your interest, “Control” does experience some of the typical YA pitfalls. A romance comes dangerously close to becoming a love triangle. Zelia’s love interest is a very typical broody, sarcastic, obnoxious boy that Zelia hates at first despite the fact that she finds him attractive. They fight and fight until her boy admits that he is in love with her and there is a new couple.

Some readers may be turned off a bit by the science that fills the pages. The characters spend a lot of time in labs doing experiments with DNA. It does not get as involved as it could have been. The author Lydia Kang is a physician, so she probably knows much more than she put in. The science is not overwhelming though unless you have a complete phobia of beakers and theoretical physics.

Overall, I would say that this one is worth the read. I look forward to seeing how this story progresses.