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 The introduction to the series is from the point of view of Ryan Hunter. Being the first in the series it introduces you to the characters and explains the world to you. The action and intrigue start quickly as the newly assembled group of disciples are sent to do battle with a beast that is indestructible. They encounter a wide array of monsters mostly from the pages of Greek Mythology. This volume is guaranteed to keep your eyes glued to the pages and have you guessing after the last word has been read.

In the second volume, we see the story unfold from the eyes of Jane Dotter. The group of six is divided into three teams to accomplish different tasks. Jane heads into the Nevada desert with Ryan to dismantle a drug manufacturing facility. Once they arrive there they encounter an army of Dark Elves and Fire Giants and a secrete that could mean the end of their world and Jane's demise.

Japan is thrown into turmoil as a bizarre thunderstorm leaves the entire country nearly powerless. Lisa Mikoto is called back to her native homeland with all other Kami disciples. Spawn from Japanese Mythology including tengu, kappas, and goblin spiders all make an appearance in this volume. This time, the disciples will need the help of the gods, because before their time in Japan is over, they will come face to face with a Titan.

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