Character Bios

Name: Ryan Hunter
Pantheon: Olympians
Patron: Artemis
Bequests: Hunter's Moon, (A compound bow that is said to have the same string from the bow of Odysseus) Laurel Amulet, Pet Scorpion
Confirmed Kills: Satyrs, Jaguar Men, (Mortal Street Gang) Feneral Wolves, Nemean Alligator, Dark Elves, Tengu, Kappa, Vampires, Werewolves

Bio: When Ryan Hunter was tapped, a stir was sent throughout Olympus. The mere fact that Artemis had a child, let alone a son, was something thought to be preposterous. Artemis is the goddess who asked Zeus that she never been forced to mate. Nobody has had courage to press her on the issue though, not even Zeus.

Ryan has found himself the leader of a group of six disciples that has already had much success against the spawn. Please consult the currently published volumes for details. Despite his success, there is aura of mystery and fear around him. Being a son of Artemis alone makes him an X factor. It is also rumored that his ichor was awakened by spawn. The tale of Hercules alone is enough to make anyone with wisdom shudder at the notion of another disciple with spawn awakened ichor. Hunter has proven himself as asset thus far. We will continue to monitor his progress.

Name: Jane Dotter
Pantheon: Asgardians
Patron: Freya
Bequests: Valkyrie Sword, Valkyrie Breast Plate
Confirmed Kills: Jaguar Men, Feneral Wolves, Dark Elves, Hill Giant, Fire Giants, Tengu,Vampires

Bio: Just like her mother Freya, Jane is known for her unyielding beauty. A beauty that she can wield as a weapon every bit as deadly as a sharp blade or well aimed firearm. Despite her obvious power, she has been known to fear her capabilities, often covering her face behind sunglasses and a hat. Despite her few flaws, she is an accomplished fighter and a valued member of Ryan Hunters team. There have been rumors of a love affair between her and Ryan Hunter. This has yet to be confirmed.

Name: Lisa Mikoto
Pantheon: Kami
Patron: Izanagi
Bequests: The Sky Blade, (A fierce Katana that she uses to summon lightning) Ceremonial Fan
Confirmed Kills: Jaguar Men, Vampires, Shikome, Tengu, Oni, Kappas, Goblin Spider, Aka Manto, Kuchisake-onna, 

Bio: This disciple is known for her quick temper and deadly precision. Not only is she very skilled with her blade, she has an extraordinary strength that allows her to pick up cars or go toe to toe with the most powerful of spawn. Raised by a single mother, she has had to deal with hardship all her life. Her hard life before she was tapped did prepare her for her life as a disciple, but also made her resent it.

Name: Armand Perez
Pantheon: Aztec
Patron: Tlazolteotl
Bequests: Obsidian Blade
Confirmed Kills: Jaguar Men, Vampires, Jenny Greenteeth,

Bio: A small degree of fear and respect is given to all Aztec disciples and Armand is no exception. As a son of the goddess of filth, he has been known to work a confession out of his enemies when necessary. Despite his limited amount of fighting prowess, he is a valuable asset in a fight because of how well he wields his power over earth. While Ryan Hunter's group was in the Florida Keys looking for Freya's tears, Armand managed to fend off the goddess Ran by dropping a mound of dry soil on her. It was not his first display of power over women.

Name: Angie Niles
Pantheon: Egyptian
Patron: Anubis
Bequests: Judgement, (a simple Beretta) The Scythe of Anubis, (a khopesh sword that gives her power over the dead
Confirmed Kills: Jaguar Men, Vampires, Jenny Greenteeth, Shikome, Obake, Tengu

Bio: Angela Niles is a rare type of disciples in that she knew her patron growing up. She did not know his true nature and had limited time with him, but she did have exposure to him. He mainly taught her about her Egyptian heritage and mysticism. He finally tapped her the day of her first prosecution as an assistant district attorney. The defendant confessed to his crimes on the stand as he felt the weight of the guilt on his heart. It is rumored that Angie's powers were coming to fruition and she had no control over them. Angie may seem reclusive even when surrounded by her group of disciples, but she is not to be underestimated.

Name: Sajaad
Pantheon: Devatas
Patron: Ganesha
Bequests: Fire Khandas, Muir Idol
Confirmed Kills: Jaguar Men, Vampires, Tengu,

Bio: The last member of Ryan Hunter's group has a reputation for being outspoken and interject facts constantly. He is very knowledgeable though. His ideas and factual knowledge not only guide the disciples along their path, but also gets them out of troublesome situations.

Name: Diana
Pantheon: Olympians
Patron: Zeus
Bequests: N/A
Confirmed Kills: N/A

Bio: It is a sad event when a disciple decides to go rogue and fight against the gods in favor of the Titans. Nobody is sure why she turned against the gods. What is known is that she was one of the first disciples to be tapped by her patron. Her abilities have grown to a dangerous level far beyond that of any disciple with her amount of experience. She gained even more when she joined an unknown faction and received powers that involved fire, in addition to her lighting powers given by being a daughter of Zeus. It is rumored that she serves a master who sole objective she serves. This has not been confirmed, but we will keep you updated.

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