Friday, October 18, 2013

Book Review - Hour of the Beast

4 Star rating – recommended for genre fans
Since it is the month of Halloween, I thought I would go with a horror story. I guess you could say Hollowland was also, but fighting zombies tends to be more fun than scary.
Werewolves are one of my favorite classic monsters. The cover was more than enough to entice me to read this story. From the very first chapter you learn that this is a story that does not mind the labels "dark" or "gritty." In the very first chapter, a woman has a disturbing encounter with a werewolf. If you need to know more, the cover should give you plenty of hints. The rest of the story follows her two children as they enter collage for the first time and have to cope with being who they are. This story however is not just another generic blood and guts rack up the body count horror story. There is also a good sense of mystery and mythology thrown into the mix. Science and history come into play while explaining the possible origins of werewolves. The ending has a good twist. This book is definitely not for young children, but if you like, a good horror story with some real meat to it, then you will want to give this a read.

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